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How Can Attar Be Replaced By Non – Alcoholic Perfumes?

by Admin on February 20, 2020

What is Attar?

Attar are essential oils which are most commonly extracted from flowers and are quite popular forms of natural fragrances. Attars are made using a traditional art which is now slowly vanishing, making it an expensive entity. More than that, many counterfeits are being sold as attars which are made using animal components, alcohol and other adulterating components which make it a difficult for customers to access genuine quality attars.

What’s the solution?

The best and safest bet is to invest in non-alcoholic perfumes and deodorants other than attars which are easily available in the market at reasonable prices and can be trusted in terms of its quality and authenticity. While the internet can produce numerous sites selling non – alcoholic perfumes, Lyla Blanc, India has proven to be the most reliable in terms of perfume shopping. Our new collection of non-alcoholic perfume, Afzal is top of the line and has proven to be the best replacement for attars.

Given below are some reasons which will show that the safest bet is to switch to non-alcoholic perfumes from attars:

1. Adulteration of Attars

Attars are made by methods which are now recognized as traditional and old. Today there only a few handful places which know the right way to make a genuine attar. The rest continues to dupe clients by selling Attars which are actually fake and adulterated since many don’t know the difference between genuine and fake attars, it can be an easy sell.

2. Easy availability of non – alcoholic perfumes

Non – alcoholic perfumes have now more or less replaced Attars and this is mainly due to its easy availability, both on and offline.The Afzal non – alcoholic perfume range is quite easily available on Lyla Blanc, India and come in a number of scents ranging from musk, rose, golden dust and more. Visit their site to see for yourself!

 3. Authenticity

With attars, one of the main problems that arise is assurance of quality and authenticity of the perfume since it most usually comes in unmarked bottles which do not list the ingredients, or the oil used. In such cases, a non-alcoholic perfume becomes a dependable buy since its brand name alone ensures its quality. The Afzal non – alcoholic range is not only top quality but the website Lyla Blanc, India also lists its ingredients and gives honest customer reviews and feedbacks so that you purchase nothing but the best!

 4. Safety

There are many reasons behind using a non – alcoholic perfume, it can be in respect of religion, skin allergies or just a simple choice. In today’s time, the quality of attar cannot be trusted due to excessive adulteration of its contents with alcohol, water etc. So, in such cases it is best to rely on other non – alcoholic perfumes especially Afzal non – alcoholic deodorants available on Lyla Blanc, Indiawho provide the components of the perfume as well as any disclaimers when it comes to the application of the perfume. PS – It is made with natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals making it a super safe and ideal pick.

5. Inexpensive Non – Alcoholic Perfumes

Getting on your hands on genuine attar can be a difficult and expensive task. It is no joke that you will mostly have to shell out a fortune just to buy a small attar bottle. Non – alcoholic deodorants and perfumes, on the other hand, are much more inexpensive in comparison which makes them a great buy when coupled with quality assurance as well. Visit Lyla Blanc, India,for amazing offers and discounts on Afzal non – alcoholic perfume!

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