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The Complete Guide On How To Buy A Perfume

by Admin on February 20, 2020

Among the most bought gifts, perfumes continue to remain a popular buy for all ages, intents and purposes. However, when you are buying a perfume for yourself or your family or friends, it can be a tricky business.

Unlike buying clothes or shoes, a thing like perfume is an investment, so take your time, have patience and most importantly a fair idea (at least!) of what youare looking to buy. Contrary to the popular belief, it is perfumes and not diamonds that are forever,so follow these steps to have a more meaningful and fulfilling shopping experience with aromas and scents!

What do you want to really buy?

Before venturing headfirst into perfume retail therapy, it is always best to do someonline research first to get a rough idea of the kind of perfumes available in the market, customer reviews and the average price.

Lyla Blanc, Indiais the ideal website for this! It boasts a large variety of perfumes and really broadens your horizons in terms of selecting a scent. More than that, it also has an online chat available 24 hours to assist customers with perfumes and other products.

2. Relying on the right perfume shop

The next thing on your list should be to find the right shop from where you can do your perfume shopping from. Ideally, try to find a shop which caters to all the perfumes and scents that you are looking for. A simple google search can assist you in that task.However, do try visiting such shops at a time when it wouldn’t be too crowded so that you can buy your perfumes with a calm and peaceful mind.

PS – Lyla Blanc, India actually eliminates the tedious process of stepping out and makes the selection process a whole lot simpler! Visit the website to find the best perfumes that suit your style and body chemistry.

3. Know your scents and concentrations

If you are a beginner, then you must know that perfumes come in different concentrations which can vastly affect how long a scent will last on you. Like, a perfume will have the highest concentration and will definitely last longer than an Eau de Cologne which has a light and subtle concentration. Keep in mind that the price depends on the concentration – higher the concentration, higher the price.

 Visit Lyla Blanc, India to discover the various types of perfumes and their concentration.

 4. Testing the perfume

It is highly recommended that you thoroughly test your perfumes before investing in them. Many buy a perfume just by smelling the scent ofthe bottle – which is as incorrect as you can get. Test the perfume either on your skin or testing strips. I recommend you wait for the perfume to dry and only then venture taking a whiff since that is when the actual scent settles in.

If you are unable to do a sniff test, read about the product in the description or reviews to understand its compatibility with your taste.

5. Go for the classics

If you are unable to zero in on a perfume, the safest bet is to go for the tried and tested ones. It is true when they say that you should go for the classics, especially when it comes to perfumes. You can never go wrong with it.

Check out the collection for yourself on Lyla Blanc, India, which promises you just that and more!

6. Shelf life

This is a very important factor to consider before you invest in a perfume. The lower the concentration of aromatic oils, the faster they tend to break down and lose their fragrance.

7. Understanding the scent family

It is extremely important to understand that perfumes and colognes come from 4 different families, varying from notes and their undertones. Woody, oriental, floral and fresh are the umbrella scents that they may belong to. It is best to figure what family complements your personality and you must then opt for a perfume within the same category to make your buying process easier!

Who knew so much thought goes behind buying a bottle of perfume, right? With this guide, we assure you can never go wrong. For any other questions, check out Lyla Blanc, India and shoot the queries as we’re here to guide you!

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